Mike Lawver & Pat Glaunert on Court 4 for BG/HD

Christie Pollin’s Blagojevic Group/Harborside Dental Associates (BG/HD) came out of the
gates swinging hard and fast and jumped out ahead of the pack after the first Pro League session at Palmira Golf & Country Club. BG/HD took five of the six matches played, earning 10 points against Erica Cossairt’s Dina Marie Realty/Cedar Brook Financial (DMR/CBF). BG/HD’s only loss was their Court 1 matchup.

Jeff Diggs & Paul Segodo on Court 3 for PG

Jim Katterfield’s Prographx (PG) will go into the second Pro League engagement at Gulf Harbour on Friday November 4, three points behind BG/HD after taking four of six courts and notching seven (7) points against Raymond James and Welch Tennis (RJ/WT). PG dropped the men’s doubles matches on Courts 2 & 4. Although the 10 points (maximum of 12 to be had) BG/HD earned might indicate total domination, two of the five matches they won came by way of match tiebreaks, so it could easily have been three matches each and an 8-5 score instead of the 10-3 win had the balls bounced a slightly different way.

Likewise, PG took two of their four wins in match tiebreaks so their 7-4.5 victory could have been 5-6.5 loss had those two tiebreaks gone the other way. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, right? That said, half or the 28 sets played last Friday went to 7-5 or tiebreak, so the point really is that the Pro League action is tense, it’s close, it’s dramatic and you don’t want to miss it.

Paulo Barros & Ryan Sherry on Court 1 for RJ/WT

Two matches competed for Match of The Day honors. On Court 4 in the DMR/CBF versus BG/HD, Pat Glaunert and Mike Lawver edged Matt Maloney and Christian Karlovits 7-5-, 4-6, 10-8. The last match to finish featured just about everything you could want from a Court 1 matchup, as Sergio Rebolledo and sub (for Denny Rager) Seth Fogelman, playing for PG, outlasted Paulo Barros and Ryan Sherry of RJ/WT 7-5, 6-7, 10-4.

That Court 1 battle featured incredible gets, geometrically acute angles, ripped groundstrokes, reflex-volley winners, and panther-like poaching. Oh yes, and primal screams. Anybody surprised? Sherry was on that court….It was definitely a fun match to watch, right Liz, Kevin? I think the Gaineses stayed till the very end. I’m thinking that has to be considered Match of The Day for the Pro League debut at Palmira. It certainly set an exciting tone.

You can browse all of the results and a full scoring breakdown of all the teams and players at the first Pro League event at Palmira on the new SWFL Pro League website. If you need a bit of help deciphering the results, you can check out SWFL Pro League Basics- Results & Scoring.

Notes of Interest

  • Pro League hosts are 1-0, as Palmira Host Paul Segodo playing for PG with Jeff Diggs of Fiddlesticks overcame a first set deficit to claim the victory in a match tiebreak, 2-6, 6-2, 10-4.
  • USPTA District 14 President Mike Curran didn’t post a victory that night, but he still
    Mike Curran & Dean Tsamas on Court 1 for BG/HD

    had reason to be proud. Curran and Dean Tsamas teamed on Court 1 for BG/HD and took on DMR/CBF’s Manny Encalada and Mike Wardell, who was subbing for Dave Rowat. Like a venerable sensei, Curran opened his palm and invited Wardell, whom he taught as a junior, to snatch the pebble from his hand, and Wardell obliged. It was on the adjacent court, that Sergio and Seth were pulling off the upset of Barros and Sherry. Sergio trained at Curran’s junior camp at the same time Wardell attended. Both appear to have graduated with honors.

  • Both PG mixed doubles teams came away with straight-set wins, something we’re likely to see all season, although the other teams are going to make them earn each one.
  • Substitute players went 3-1 on the night
Palmira Host Paul Segodo
Palmira Host Paul Segodo

My final take on Week 1 is that Palmira Tennis

The Segodo crew
The Segodo crew

Director Paul Segodo is a beast! Not only did he take care of business getting everything set up for Pro League, he came back from a set down to win, managed the cleanup practically by himself, while being a tremendous dad to his four kids who were happy to participate from start to finish. I sure hope his fundraising tournament at Palmira in January will be well attended. More on that another time.

Thanks to all the sponsors for their contributions, the Palmira staff, Katrina and Steph for the photos, and to the fans who make this event worth playing. Great seeing some of you whom I haven’t seen for some time. I’m glad to be back and I hope the body will hold up for a while. See you next Friday! Game, set, match…T. A. & Steph