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League Info

team-logosNote: Before we get started, it would be a good idea to have a second tab with Pro League website ( homepage open. Here we go… There are four teams of 12 players each competing in the Southwest Florida Pro League, and there two team match-ups at each Pro League event. Each of the two match-ups consist of six individual matches, so 12 individual matches are played at every Pro League event. Each team match-up consists of two mixed doubles and four men’s doubles matches, which are broken up into two time slots with three matches (1 men’s doubles and 2 mixed doubles) played at 4pm, and three matches (3 men’s doubles) played at 5:30pm.

Jim Katterfield & Rick Calton on Court 4 for ProGraphx (PG)
Mike Wardell and Manny Encalada on Court 1 for Dina Marie Realty/Cedar Brook Financial (DMR/CBF)

In theory, each team puts its best men’s doubles team on Court 1, its second best men’s team on Court 2, etc. Teams also put their best mixed doubles team on the Mixed 1 Court, and its second best mixed doubles team on the Mixed 2 Court. As a rule, the 4pm matches will consist of each team’s Court 4 men’s doubles and its two mixed doubles teams, while the 5:30pm matches will showcase the team’s top three men’s doubles teams. With that in mind, when you come to a Pro League event, if you arrive shortly after 4pm, you should see four mixed doubles matches (two from each team match-up) and two men’s doubles matches (one from each team match-up) in progress. If you arrive closer to 6pm, you should see six men’s doubles matches (three from each team match-up) in progress.

Matches are best two of three sets, with a match tiebreak/super tiebreak/deciding set

Commissioner John Ramsey & Sub Christie Bradley on Mixed 2 Court for DMR/CBF
Commissioner John Ramsey & Sub Christie Bradley on Mixed 2 Court for DMR/CBF

tiebreak/10-point tiebreak and/or whatever else it is called substituting for a third set if necessary. Both players on a doubles team earn half a point (.5) for winning a set, and zero (0) points for losing a set. So if a team wins in straight sets, each player earns one point so the team gains two points from that straight-set win. If teams split sets, then the winning team picks up two points and the losing team gets one point. Substitutes gain no points for the team, so if a player wins with a substitute partner, she only earns one point for the team. If a player with a substitute partner loses in three sets, she earns a half-point for her team.

There are 13 Pro League events at some spectacular Southwest Florida venues, with the 13th event being a playoff to determine how much of the pot each team and each player takes home. At the end of 12 matches, the team that finishes with the most points is the top seed and plays the second-place team in the playoffs. The third and fourth-place teams also battle in the playoffs to see who will occupy the cellar until next season.

Oteam-tab-standingskay, so you are all clear on how Pro League works, right? Hopefully that overview was a tad bit clearer than mud. If you’re like me, when you go to the Southwest Florida Pro League website, you will want to check out how your favorite players and their teams are doing, so let’s get a bit more specific about how to understand what you’re looking at when you do so.

TEAMS tab highlighted in blue
TEAMS tab highlighted in blue

If you want to know team standings, the easiest way to find them is to click on the “TEAMS” tab at the top of the page. You will need to remember that although there are only two overall team match-ups, because of the setup of the website, if a team wins the 4pm match-up and the 5:30 match-up, the standings will reflect two (2) rather than one (1) overall team win. If you look at the current league standings, you will see that HD/BG and PG have 2 wins, while RJ/WT and DMR/CBF each has zero (0) wins. That is because HD/BG and PG earned more points than their opponents in both the 4pm and 5:30pm sessions. If PG had earned more points for the 4pm session, but earned fewer during the 5:30pm session, their record would be 1-1. I’m sure it’ll become easier to decipher as the season rolls on.

For more details about specific match results, you can click on the RESULTS tab (hover over the “EVENTS” tab at the top of the page to find results tab). You can find the standings in other ways as well, but this is as simple as it gets. If you have a favorite team and/or players, you can go directly to the team page to check things out. The four team logo colors are as follows (you can click on the underlined text to go to team pages):


team-page-exYou can generally click on the team logo to go to that team’s page, where you can find the team roster, find out who the captain is, what positions the players play, the team’s current standing in the League, and how many points each player has posted for her/his team, and how many matches each player has played (MP) at any given point of the season. Craig Turner of has done a phenomenal job with the website, but for the uninitiated, it can be a bit challenging to decipher what you are looking at. Here’s is my attempt to help you with that.

cursor-exOh, I don’t mean to insult anyone, but some folks need a little help getting up to speed with some of this. You can skip this next bit if you are compcursor-ex2uter and smart-device savvy. If you need a little help with that sort of thing, try to remember that if you move your cursor over an image, or a bit of text (usually underlined) and the arrow turns into a hand with a pointing finger, you can left-click (the left button if you use a mouse) on it to find out more about whatever that image or bit of text represents. I suggest you right-click and select “open link in new tab.”

Anyway, back to the task at hand. When you click on results, the page that comes up will have four boxes in the large, center column on the page. Let’s look at the the first dark gray box in the example below of the first Pro League event at Palmira on October 21, where DMR/CBF played BG/HD (Match 2results-scrn-wk-1A & 2B) and PG played RJ/WT (Match 1A & 1B). The first line is the date of the Pro League session. The numbers beneath the date correspond to the points the teams earned. The number on the left (2.0) under the date reflects the number of points Team DMR/CBF (the team on the left represented by the pink shield) earned for that particular session. The score on the right (4.0) corresponds to the number of points Team BG/HD (the team on the right represented by the black shield) picked up for that session.

You probably don’t need help with the following two lines, but the final line within the first box tells you which Pro League event and which session (4pm or 5:30pm) you are reviewing. “WEEK1-MATCH 2B” tells you that it is the first Pro League event, and you are looking at the 5:30pm session (the top three men’s doubles courts).

If you go to the same line in the second box (light gray in color), “MATCH 2A” tells you that you are reviewing the results for the 4pm session of the same team matchup (the 2 mixed doubles and one men’s doubles match). Here you will note that the DMR/CBF team, represented by the pink shield, earned one point, while BG/HD picked up six points from the 4pm matches. When you combine the points earned by the two teams from the 4pm and 5:30pm sessions, DMR/CBF earned three points, while BG/HD earned 10 points.

The third and fourth boxes contain the results from the PG versus RJ/WT match-up from the 5:30pm and 4pm matches respectively, and should be interpreted as you interpreted the first two boxes. Information in the third box tells you that PG earned three (3) points from their top three courts, while RJ/WT earned two and a half (2.5) points from the matches played at 5:30pm. The fourth and final box shows that PG took four (4) points and RJ/WT earned two (2) points from the two mixed doubles and one men’s doubles match played at 4pm.

To view the individual match-ups on each court, you can click on the date, the score, or the match designation and it will take you to results for that particular group of matches. Scroll down to review the individual results. The fun really starts when you reach this individual results page.

The first box results-scrn-wk-1-pg2you will see under “RESULTS” will have the summary of the match: how many points each team won, and which team won the match-up for that time slot. Below that box is where you may need a little guidance.

You will see a team name next; in our example that would be Dina Marie Realty & Cedarbrook Financial (DMR/CBF), then another box with players names, the court they play on, how many games they won per set, and how many points they earned per set and overall. Here is an explanation of the column headings:

S1G Set 1 Games The number of games won in the first set
S1P Set 1 Points The number of points won in the first set (.5 for the winner, 0 for the loser)
S2G Set 2 Games The number of games won in the second set
S2P Set 2 Points The number of points won in the second set (.5 for the winner, 0 for the loser)
S3G Set 3 Games 1 or 0, because matches are supposed to end with a tiebreak and that will show in this system as the winner getting one game and the loser getting zero.
S3P Set 3 Points The number of points won in the third set (.5 for the winner, 0 for the loser)
TP Total Points Total points earned for the match

That first box will be followed by the opposing team’s name: Harborside Dental & The Blagojevic Group (HD/BG) in our example, then a second box with the same information as above.

To determine what actually happened, as in who played whom and what the score was, you would look at the court position for the players on both teams and the number of games and points earned at that position. In our example, Matt Maloney and Christian Karlovits played Court 4 for DMR/CBF versus Mike Lawver and Pat Glaunert of BG/HD. Under S1G you can see that Matt and Christian won five (5) games, and Mike and Pat won seven (7). Under S1P you can see that Mike and Pat earned a half-point (.5) point for winning the set 7-5, and Matt and Christian earned zero (0).

results-compareUnder S2G you can see that Matt and Christian won six (6) games, while Mike and Pat won four (4). That resulted in Matt and Christian earning a half-point (.5) under S2P, while Mike and Pat earned zero (0).

Under S3G it shows zero (0) for Matt and Christian, while it shows one (1) for Mike and Pat, indicating that Mike and Pat won the match tiebreak. If you look to the far right of the box, under TP, you will see the total number of points each player earned for his team. By winning two of the three sets, Mike and Pat earned one (1) point each for their team, while Matt and Christian earned a half-point (.5) each for the one set they won in the match. The bottom row of the box gives you the totals for each column, so that you can look at the bottom right number and see that HD/BG earned six (6) points during the 4pm session and DMR/CBF earned one (1).

Phew! You have all of that memorized, right? Well, never fear if you don’t you can always return to “SWFL Pro League Basics- Results & Scoring” to get a refresher on all this fun stuff. You can check out the recap of Week 1 here, and we look forward to seeing you at the next Pro League session at Gulf Harbour on Friday, November 4. Don’t forget to check the schedule to find out where we are next. Game, set, match…T. A.